Adoption can be complicated, and whether you are in the beginning stages of exploring the possibility of adoption (being placed for adoption, adopting a child/children yourself, or placing your child for adoption) or maybe you are many years out, I can provide support and guidance. Adoption is a life-long journey that often requires adjustments along the way. I am here to support you through any challenges that have arisen.
Infertility / Reproductive
Some may be striving to become pregnant or going through the challenges of infertility. Others may be challenged with a current pregnancy or grieving a recent pregnancy loss. Some may be grappling with the question of where to go from here on your journey to grow your family. Wherever you are on your journey, I am here to help.
The post-partum period can be a very overwhelming and isolating time. It can be confusing to feel the intense joy of a newborn, but also the intense grief or depression within the first months or years of having a new baby. This can create a great deal of new mom guilt. You may experience some or all of these emotions, but whatever you are feeling, please reach out. You are not alone.
Being a parent is no small task. The ever-changing roles and responsibilities can be exhausting and feel like too much at times. It’s difficult to know what to expect when every child is different and requires different parenting styles.
Teens / Tweens
I often work with teenagers as I find that they are at a particularly vulnerable stage in life and require as much support as possible. They are entering a stage of greater independence and change and this can create a heightened level of emotions that can feel too big to handle alone. Covid has also been particularly challenging for teenagers and I am here to offer a pillar of support.
Life Transitions
Although they happen all the time, life transitions can throw everything into complete upheaval. Life transitions can become all-consuming and make it difficult to see past the current difficulties. We can work one step at a time, taking baby steps to work through these transitions. I believe that there is never an issue too small or too big to work through.
Use of EMDR
Specializing in different areas of grief, I am experienced in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy and find it extremely beneficial to my clients for processing grief and trauma. To learn more, please visit my FAQs page.
Faith-based Approach
As a Christian, I am happy to incorporate faith into your sessions if that is what you choose. However, if this is not a part of your life, I honor that and do not include this in our sessions.